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Jul 28 2017

Virginia – s Drug – Alcohol Abuse Treatment Center #certified #substance #abuse #counselor #virginia


Over 40 Years as Virginia’s Leading Residential, Outpatient Detox Rehab Center for Drug Addiction Alcohol Abuse

Welcome to Virginia’s Leading Residential Alcohol & Drug Rehab Center.

Thank you for turning to Life Center of Galax during this trying time. We know how difficult it is to make the first step in seeking out treatment and we congratulate you on your courage to do so. We will do all that we can to make the process one that is as streamlined and as comfortable as it possibly can be.

Throughout the years, Life Center of Galax has consistently worked to respond to the needs of the patients that we treat by creating new and innovative programming options that are catered to meet the specific and unique needs of the populations we serve. We remain steadfast in updating our programs and practices so that everyone who is entrusted into our care is offered the best opportunity for achieving successful treatment outcomes.

Whether you or a loved one is suffering from an addiction to alcohol. heroin. or opioids. or is battling the symptoms of a co-occurring condition. such as depression or anxiety, the staff at Life Center of Galax is here to help you take the first step in realizing a life free from the obstacles that have caused you so much turmoil. Whatever your needs may be, look no further than Life Center of Galax. Begin your recovery with us.

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