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Jul 7 2017

Virtual and Cloud Network Security Solution #virtual #and #cloud #network #security #solution, #security #policy #management

# End-to-end visibility and access analysis in one physical, virtual and cloud network security solution Security groups and access combinations can quickly turn a virtual environment into a spider web of complexity. Manually trying to integrate this information with other virtual or physical networks only complicates matters. And if access verification is only performed at chokepoints, you have no insight to the east-west traffic in the virtual environment that could be putting your organization at risk. Total network visibility is the key to end-to-end access analysis in hybrid IT environments. With Skybox, you have the power to seamlessly combine north-south …

Jul 6 2017

Engineering Services and Products for Space Missions #what #is #a #solution

# “Test What You Fly, Fly What You Test” a Critical Approach to JWST Ground System Testing In March 2017, the James Webb Space Telescope’s (JWST) primary mirror underwent successful environmental vibration, acoustic and center of curvature testing at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC). Thank you for joining us at the 33rd Space Symposium We would like to thank everyone for joining us at the 33rd Annual Space Symposium in Colorado Spring, CO and learning about our latest FreeFlyer capabilities in Space Situational Awareness and High Performance Computing! Commercial Space Industry Can Deliver Agility and Innovation for Better Space …

Jul 5 2017

Hybrid Cloud Solutions for Businesses #hybrid #cloud #solution

Solutions Better Suicide Prevention Hotline SaaS-Based Application Delivery Following the Sun Healthy Data Warehouse Certified to manage Microsoft Azure.The World’s Leading Hybrid Cloud Platform. We architect, deploy and operate public, private and hybrid Microsoft Azure environments for customers across the United States and around the world. 20 years of experience makes us a trusted partner you can count on. We have developed a core methodology to ensure we accurately capture your needs and translate them into the best solution possible. This process gives you the peace of mind that your cloud investment will be aligned with the return you seek. …