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Oct 26 2017

SQL Server Performance Tuning – Optimization #application #server #performance #tuning


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Database Performance Analyzer for SQL Server

Stop guessing. Drill down into your SQL Server database to pinpoint the root cause of poor performance

Starts at 1.625 €

Key Features

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  • Wait-time analytics
  • Performance intelligence
  • Collaboration across teams
  • Performance history
  • Scalable, agentless architecture
  • Query analysis and expert advice

Minimum System Requirements

A true performance analysis tool that focuses on response time to identify bottlenecks and understand where the database spends time. DPA s unique Multi-Dimensional Performance Analysis correlates wait time with resources, workload statistics, events, and other dimensions to quickly pinpoint the largest contributors to slow performance.

Learn More Read Evaluation Guide

Provides a single version of the truth across databases and the infrastructure that supports database performance. Raise your performance IQ with visibility into the infrastructure (database, virtual, and physical tiers), query insights, and historical benchmarks.

Watch Overview Video Learn More

Collaboration across teams

Developers, DBAs, and operations teams can finally get on the same page. DPA helps everyone understand performance. DPA web interface and read-only rights make it safe to use across teams. Developers can see the impact of new code in production, and operations can see the impact of any changes.

Activity history with one-second resolution at your fingertips. Discover the cause of past issues, drill down to specific points in time, compare and analyze historic performance and metric baselines to find anomalies and problems.

Scalable, agentless architecture

Stay on top of real-world performance from dozens, hundreds, or thousands of instances across environments. Less than 1% overhead, no agents, ease of installation and administration.

Query analysis and expert advice

Tuning advisors provide clear and actionable advice. DPA provides deep query and execution plan analysis. Tuning advisors point to problems that need immediate focus.

Multi-vendor platform with cloud support

One platform to monitor and optimize all your databases. Optimize MySQL . Oracle SE EE, SQL Server . DB2 . SAP ASE on-premises. on VMware . or on the cloud including, azure SQL Database, and AWS RDS.

Locking and blocking analysis

See the cumulative impact of blocking and deadlocks on queries and response time. DPA displays wait caused by root blockers and total victim impact to keep tuning focused on critical queries. Identify why queries are waiting and see the last activity of an idle blocker.

Alerts and reports

Use alerts to get notified when degradation occurs proactively. Reports help share the story. Comprehensive alerting and reporting that won’t overload your inbox. Baselines highlight outliers. DPA comes with pre-built alerts and reports, or you can create your own.

SQL performance tuning advice

SQL Server Performance Tuning. Often, database performance issues result from poorly written queries, bad design, or index strategies. DPA isolates the root cause, provides the much needed SQL tuning advice and is a must for performance tuning in SQL.

  • How do I access DPA? Do I have to install anything on my PC to view the interface?
  • What databases and platforms can you monitor?
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    • What is the impact of running DPA on my production instances?

    The impact to your production instance is minimal.

    Less than 1%. DPA is agentless and only monitors active sessions allowing you to keep your overhead on monitored instances extremely low.

  • How do I access DPA? Do I have to install anything on my PC to view the interface?

    Viewing our interface is as simple as launching a browser.

    Download and install your free trial using our Getting Started Guide, which is located in the Success Center.

    View Getting Started Guide

  • What databases and platforms can you monitor?

    Database Performance Analyzer monitors all your database engines with a single installation.

    Because we’re agentless, we can monitor Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, DB2, and SAP ASE running on premise (physical or on VMware) or in the cloud (both virtual machine offerings and Database-as-a-Service).

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