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Oct 6 2017

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Service Delivery Manager Jobs

Service Delivery Manager Overview

The purpose of a service delivery manager is to identify clients’ needs and then determine how to meet them within the context of the business and in a cost-effective manner. Service delivery managers are vital to a wide range of fields, and the job description tends to vary based on that field. Within the retail domain, employers tend to emphasize client relationship building. Therefore, service delivery managers must be effective communicators. They must also be able to teach and guide because it is their responsibility to ensure that junior employees have the knowledge needed to provide service to clients effectively and that they are maintaining the employer’s high standards in the process. People with the appropriate skill set for a service delivery position can fill other roles as well, including retail manager and market researcher .

Service Delivery Manager Education Requirements

Service delivery manager jobs usually require a bachelor’s degree in a business-related field. The field of focus should preferably have an emphasis on customer relations, such as retail management. Positions with small retail outfits, which can serve as entry-level jobs, may only require a two-year degree or equivalent certification. Service delivery managers in retail domains must have a strong appreciation for sales, marketing and customer relations. Managers must be highly professional and effective communicators, teachers and active listeners. These jobs may also have environment-specific requirements, such as a second language in an area where multiple languages is prevalent.

Service Delivery Manager Job Market

The job market forecast for service delivery managers is strong, and high-level positions like these within the retail domain are usually resistant to economic recessions and similar factors. All jobs across the retail spectrum have risen at a rate higher than the average, and assistant service delivery manager positions have become more prevalent.

Service Delivery Manager Salary

Service delivery manager jobs falls under the umbrella of sales manager, and the median average annual salary for that category is $105,200. The bottom average annual salary for these positions is $53,300, and the top average annual salary for manager positions is $187,200.

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