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Dec 31 2017

Richard D Bender: Divorce, Family and Criminal Law in Springfield

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Realize your constitutional right for qualified legal help.
We hold the national quality standard. A Springfield lawyer skilled in criminal defense and in cases in which the plaintiff has been wronged. Richard D Bender Richard Bender prides himself on being able to represent you regardless of the crime.

Our Approach
This firm has extended experience,
this is cornerstone of our success.
Each area of the law is very different and must be handled with the level of care, expertise and experience that is relevant to its specification.

Legal Resources
A leader in the sphere of Springfield legal services.
Specializing in DUI / DWI law, criminal law, family law, and appeals.

Legal Team
The Law Office of Richard Bender holds an impressive success rate. Mr. Bender has succeeded in settling cases out of court many times, saving clients time, stress and money.

The Law Office of Richard Bender the firm of choice for any and all legal advice and representation in the Springfield and surrounding areas. Specializing in Civil Law, Criminal Law and Juvenile Law, Richard Bender has years of experience representing individual clients as well as big businesses and corporations.

The Law Office of Richard Bender services go way beyond court trials and out of court settlements, however. Attorney Bender makes it a point to support his clients from the very beginning all the way to the very end, offering counsel, advice, and studying each and every case closely to ensure every detail of the case is taken into account and used to their client’s benefit. He also provides follow-up services in cases where paper work or applications must be filled, as is often the case with driver’s license reinstatement.

The Law Office of Richard Bender is happy to help you whether you have been charged with a crime or are seeking legal counsel either for yourself or on behalf of your company or government organization.

If you are unsure as to what your options are, or even whether or not you require Springfield legal advice, we strongly suggest that you give us a call today to schedule an appointment with one of our qualified, experienced attorneys at law.

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