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Jun 25 2017

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Safeguarding refers to the proactive approach to keeping children, young people and adults at risk safe from harm. All agencies working with children and young people have a legal Duty of Care not only to protect those who use their services but also to promote their welfare by taking all reasonable steps to ensure risks of harm are minimised.

Safeguarding includes a range of practices from adopting policies and procedures to creating a safe environment for staff, volunteers and participants.

This section provides you with some guidance and support on the different areas of Safeguarding your Group should consider for everyone’s safety.

Emergency / Out of Hours Support for RDA Groups

If you have a potential safeguarding issue and need support, out of office hours, please call the RDA emergency line on 07599236036. or call your local social services safeguarding team.

What Safeguards Every Group Should Have in Place

  • Safeguarding Policy Statement
  • Safe recruitment standard application form, 2 references and disclosure checks
  • At least 1 Safeguarding Officer in every group
  • All coaches that run sessions have a current (within 3 years) safeguarding certificate
  • All in the group is aware of who to contact if there is a safeguarding concern

RDA provides BEF accredited face to face safeguarding courses. These are suitable for RDA coaches, Safeguarding Officers, trustees and volunteers. For more information, please get in touch with Lottie or Claire.

Safeguarding Officer Role

Each Group must have at least one Safeguarding Officer (previously known as Child Protection Officer/CPO/CVPO) who is responsible for ensuring safeguarding and best practice is followed at the Group. For more information on the role of safeguarding officer please click here.

All Group Coaches who take sessions, whether riding, driving or vaulting, have to complete a face-to-face safeguarding course and keep their certificate in their logbook. The training needs to be refreshed every 3 years this can be done on-line or face to face; see below.

RDA UK now has an online course for all volunteers, trustees and coaches. This course has been designed to help refresh those who have already attended a face to face safeguarding course, as well as those volunteers who would like to know a little more about safeguarding within RDA.

This E-learning course can be used as a refresher for those coaches who have already attended a face to face course and need a 3 year refresher BUT who do not need a BEF accredited course.

If you would like to sign up to the course please follow the link below for more information and see what other courses are available.

Please click here for more information

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