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Jan 31 2018

Pathway to Nutrition Degree

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A nutrition course that inspires budding nutritionists and health care professionals from around the world!

You are probably all ‘Googled’ out, having trawled the dozens of sites offering nutrition courses, each of them offering something of interest, but they just don’t quite have the right content, look and feel. Well, let’s see if we can change all of that for you!

The Certificate of Human Nutrition is our most popular course and has been since 1998, so much so that it is now worth Advanced Standing at Endeavour College of Natural Health for not only their Bachelor of Health Science (Nutritional Medicine), but also in their naturopathic and complementary medicine programs.

Instead of spending thousands of dollars for just one subject at uni, you can do the Certificate of Human Nutrition course for just a few hundred, know for sure if you want to invest your time and money into further study AND tick off one whole subject from your degree.

But wait there’s more as they say on the adverts.

We are finding that many of our students either start out with the The Certificate of Human Nutrition on its own or enrol into the Nutrition Health Coaching program (there is no cost if you don’t complete it and you pay only for the units you take) so that they can become a Recognised Nutrition Health Coach to help put themselves through their degree as well as be immersed in the field of health. It really doesn’t get much better than that.


a) You are yet to enrol with us
No problem, simply enrol by clicking the button below, everything is in place for you to get started straight away. Once you have completed the course we will provide you with your necessary evidence to take to Endeavour College.

b) You have enrolled into the Certificate of Human Nutrition in the last few months
Still working through the course – you will simply need to send us both your Assessment Workbook and your completed Study Guide. This will ensure you have covered the various content, time and assessment requirements by Endeavour College.

Completed your course – You may be required to complete a Bridging Unit to meet all the requirements set out by Endeavour College. This will involve completing the Study Guide (current version) and sending it in for grading and in some cases completing a Food Audit. A small fee may be applicable for this unit upgrade, but you will still be saving time and money.

c) You enrolled (or have completed) an early version of theCertificate of Human Nutrition
The course version pre-2013 won’t have included the 2013 Dietary Guidelines and a number of new chapters. In some cases it may be that you will need to to retake the course, though at a reduced price. This will ensure that we are passing you over to Endeavour College with all the up-to-date knowledge you need in order move through to a degree. You will still find that you are ahead financially and time-wise and a very well prepared for the challenge of a degree.

Just give us a holler at the office and we can assess your situation and let you know just what is needed as well as forward to you any assessment documents you may need to return to us.

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