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Nov 16 2017

Nursing Home Negligence Lawsuits – Nursing Home Lawyers Attorneys #nursing #home #lawsuit


Nursing Home Negligence Lawsuits

Nursing Home Lawyers Review Cases Nationwide

The nursing home negligence attorneys at Saiontz Kirk, P.A. provide free consultations and claim evaluations for individuals who suspect that a loved one may have suffered a serious injury as a result of negligent care in a nursing home, hospital or long-term care facility.

All lawsuits for nursing home negligence are handled by our lawyers under a contingency fee, which means that there are never any out-of-pocket expenses and we receive no attorney fees unless we secure compensation for the nursing home injury.

Saiontz Kirk, P.A. is a national law firm with experience investigating complex lawsuits for negligent care by nursing homes or medical providers. Our lawyers can review the circumstances surrounding an injury to determine if your loved one or family may be entitled to compensation through a nursing home lawsuit. Request a free consultation .


Nursing Home Negligence Law Firm

The nursing home lawyers at Saiontz Kirk review potential lawsuits for negligence at nursing homes throughout the United States.

Our law firm can help find out what went wrong and whether a nursing home injury could have been prevented.

With more than 35 years experience, the nursing home law firm of Saiontz Kirk has helped families throughout the United States secure compensation for serious and potentially life-threatening injuries caused by negligent nursing home care.

Some of the more common nursing home injury claims for which lawsuits have been pursued include:

Potential medical malpractice lawsuits may also arise from nursing home care, including:

After requesting a free consultation with one of our attorneys, there is no obligation to hire our law firm to handle your families nursing home negligence lawsuit.

Every claim for nursing home negligence does have a deadline, known as a statute of limitations, which requires that any lawsuit be filed by a certain date. Therefore, it is important to review any potential nursing home negligence claim with a qualified attorney as soon as possible to make sure your family s legal rights are protected.

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