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Jul 4 2018

National Network of Career Nursing Assistants, nursing career.#Nursing #career

National Network of Career Nursing Assistants


“Nursing Assistants: Specialists in the Art of Caring” Nursing career

Celebrating 40 years as a professional organization for nursing assistants and

other direct care workers in long term care.

You help us meet our goals for 2017 when you

Practice the Language of Person-Centered Care in your daily interactions with residents and clients.

Attend or conduct classes to decrease worker in juries on the job.

Talk to a legislator or public official about safe lifting or needs of NAs.

Submit an essay, poem or song to the NA Authors Club.

Host an Honor Society Meeting in your faculty for your NAs who have 20 or more years of service.

Talk to your local church group or high school about being a NA.



Projects focusing on this initiative continue throughout the year: Fill out the contact form below with a description of your projects and continue to visit this website for more ideas.

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National Network of Career Nursing Assistants

Nursing career

Arkansas NA Conference

Especially for Nursing Assistants,Caregivers, Geriatric Aide/Assistants, Resident Assistants, Restorative Aides, Nursing Assistants, Direct Care Workers, Care Assistants, ER Assistants, Patient Care Assistants in nursing homes, home care, hospice, LTC hospitals, correctional facilities, Emergency rooms, MR facilities, workshops and other long-term care settings.

Nursing Assistants: Specialists in the Art of Caring

Because they remain in caregiving positions, Career Nursing Assistants provide predictability and stability to care, which in turn enhances the feeling of security for our aging, frail or chronically challenged population. Career Nursing Assistants also bring wisdom, patience, humor and a general attitude of caring to the daily lives of residents.

Nursing career

National Network of Career Nursing Assistants promoting recognition, education, research, advocacy and peer support development for nursing assistants in nursing homes and other long-term care settings.

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