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Dec 31 2017

How Can I Check that an Online LPN to RN Program is Accredited?

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How Can I Check that an Online LPN to RN Program Is Accredited?

A licensed practical nurse (LPN) who wants to go back to school to become a registered nurse (RN) might benefit from an online LPN-to RN-program. These programs are often designed so students can work and attend classes. Read on to learn how to tell if an online LPN-to-RN program is accredited. Schools offering Nursing degrees can also be found in these popular choices.

How to Check Accreditation

To find the accreditation information for an online LPN-to-RN program, you can check the school’s website or contact the school via phone or email. Once you find the name of the school’s accreditation agency, you can verify this by using the accreditation agency’s website. Each accreditation agency’s website has a search feature that will let you do a search for the school to verify its accreditation. Since some diploma mills list phony accrediting websites, it’s best to verify an accrediting agency really exists by using a search engine to find its website, rather than clicking through from a school’s link.

Important Facts about LPN to RN Programs

Registered or practical nurse licensure and a nursing degree often required, although some programs may accept completion of other undergraduate programs

Fully online coursework except for practicum and labs

Required to maintain certification; available in person and online

Legal nurse consultant, sexual assault nurse examiner

Research LPN-to-RN Programs

When you’re looking for an accredited LPN-to-RN program, you may want to begin by finding an online program. Be aware, though, most online LPN-to-RN programs are considered hybrid majors because some of the lab and class work must be done in a classroom.

LPN-to-RN programs achieve accreditation through a process that includes examining the program’s quality, quantity and overall value to the student. Additionally, a review of how peers feel about the program’s quality and the overall philosophy of each school are also considered when accrediting a program. Programs must meet certain guidelines as to the content and how student work is accessed in order to meet accreditation standards. Graduating from an accredited program lets future employers know that you have received a high level of education and training.

Identify Recognized Accreditation Agencies

Accreditation for a program needs to come from a recognized accreditation agency or an agency that is state approved. Some accreditation agencies are not legitimate. You can verify the credibility of an agency through the U.S. Department of Education or via the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA).

The board of nursing in each state also maintains a list of programs that are approved to be used to meet licensing requirements. You can find each state’s board of nursing through the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN).

You may find some accreditation agencies, such as the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (formerly the National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission), that offer accreditation specifically for nursing programs. You may do a search on the ACEN site to find programs that are accredited.

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