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Mar 4 2018

Heat Treatment Process Exporter from Coimbatore

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Heat Treatment Process

Approx Price: Rs 85,000 / Piece(s)

Heat Treatment (In House Facility):
Heat Treatment is the process whereby controlled heating and cooling is used to alter the physical & mechanical properties of metals without affecting any change in the shape of the objects. Heat treatment process is used to increase material strength and also to improve machining, formability & restore ductility. Heat treatment process allows for the improvement in product performance through improvement in material characteristics.

Metallurgy of Heat Treatment of Aluminum Alloys
Aluminum and its Alloys are used in a variety of cast a wrought forms and conditions of heat treatment. Forging, extrusions, sections, etc. are examples of wrought products, while sand, gravity and pressure die castings are generally adopted casting methods.

It has been the practice of Designers to specify heat treatment to enhance mechanical properties, hardness and machinabilty. Only certain Aluminum Alloys containing alloying elements like CU, Si, Mg and Zn in certain specific percentages can be heat treated to have desired mechanical properties. Other non heat treatable alloys can at the most be annealed to facilitate forming operations.

The various alloying elements mentioned above have limited solubility in solid state and this increase with increased temperature.

Solution Heat Treatment
This involves heating of Aluminum alloy to a particular temperature for sufficient time so that the alloying elements go into solid solution and forma single phase. The factors which affect the final properties of the alloy are soaking temperature, soaking time and cooling rate.

The Soaking temperature depends on various phases which are present in alloys. Each phase will dissolve in solid solution at different rates. The soaking time is based on the rate of dissolution of alloying elements into solid solution. It also depends on the conditions under which the alloy is cast. Sand cast parts have coarser structure than permanent mould casting. Hence sand castings take time for dissolution of phases necessitating longer soaking time.

Commonly used T6 Heat Treatment Process:

Keep in furnace at 525 Deg Celsius for 8 Hrs.

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