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Mar 13 2018

Graduate Programs

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Programs of Study

We offer an integrated education in theology, providing students advanced training in three principal areas of study, Judaism and Christianity in Antiquity, Historical Theology, and Systematic Theology/Theological Ethics as well as two interdisciplinary areas of study, Theology and Society and Healthcare Mission and Ethics.

Our Master of Arts (M.A.) and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) programs develop scholars who will make significant contributions to theological research and teachers capable of teaching a broad range of subjects in theology and religion in undergraduate and graduate institutional settings.

Our Master of Arts in Christian Doctrine (M.A.C.D.) program provides an ecumenical appropriation and communication of Christian doctrine for theology teachers in Catholic high schools or other religious education or formation programs, individuals serving other needs in their religious communities, and those seeking personal theological enrichment. Students may complete their required coursework entirely online or through a combination of online and on-campus courses. Please see our M.A.C.D. program page for further information.

For more than sixty years, our graduates have gone on to doctoral programs, faculty positions, positions in ministry and pastoral care, and a variety of other professions involving religious education and leadership. We welcome your interest in finding your path at Marquette.

Meet Our Directors

Apply to Marquette

For information on how to apply for admission to our programs, please visit the Marquette University Graduate School’s website. Further details on the application process appear in the Graduate School Bulletin. We welcome applications from students of all backgrounds, faiths, and cultural persuasions. Students belonging to populations historically underrepresented in the study and profession of theology are especially encouraged to apply.

Students who have completed service in AmeriCorps, the Jesuit Volunteer Corps, the Lutheran Volunteer Corps, the Peace Corps, Teach for America, or other comparable full-time volunteer service organizations are eligible to apply for the M.A. program in conjunction with Marquette’s Trinity Fellows Program, a 21-month work/study program dedicated to developing urban leaders committed to social and economic justice. Please visit the Trinity Fellows Program website for further information.

Financial Aid

We are pleased to offer new doctoral students who request financial aid five-year funding packages providing full tuition remission for their curricular requirements and an annual stipend of $19,584, pending satisfactory academic progress from year to year. Funded doctoral students are expected to serve as teaching and/or research assistants for up to three years before participating in a team-taught undergraduate course and, finally, teaching their own undergraduate courses per the department’s needs.

Each year, the department awards up to four new M.A. students who request financial aid two-year scholarships providing full tuition remission their departmental coursework, pending satisfactory academic progress from year to year.

The department awards partial tuition scholarships to M.A.C.D. students in financial need.

Please see our financial aid page for further information on our financial aid categories and opportunities.

Visit Our Campus

We invite you to visit us at Marquette as you consider where to pursue your graduate education. You can meet with faculty members in your areas of academic interest as you explore our campus and city. Please consult the Graduate School’s website to schedule a personalized visit.

Forms and Documents

Click here to access academic forms and documents frequently used by current students and faculty members.

Policies and Procedures

Click here to access our departmental policies and procedures, which provide detailed information on our graduate programs for prospective students, current students, and faculty members.


Theology Department Mission Statement

Marquette University defines itself as Christian, Catholic, Jesuit, urban, and independent. The Department of Theology functions within the university to investigate and understand the Catholic tradition, its relation to other Christian communions, and to other religions of the world. Read more of our mission statement.

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