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Apr 29 2018

Curriculum – Instruction

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Dr. Aimee Govett, Dr. Ed Dwyer, John Mooneyham, LaShay Jennings, Dr. Laura Robertson, Dr. Karin Keith, Terryl Rock, Dr. Stacey Fisher, Dr. Renee Moran, Dr. Huili Hong and Dr. Ryan Nivens

  • Cultural Immersion Workshop

    Biltmore Estate visit

  • 2016 Outstanding Teacher Candidate Award, Master of Arts in Teaching

  • Dr. Hogan’s retirement reception

    Ms. Deborah Parrot, Dr. Ed Dwyer, Dr. Norma Hogan and Ms. Renee Lyons

  • Area High School and Middle School Science and ELA teachers participating in professional development offered at ETSU through the Math Science Partnership grant.

    The Department of Curriculum and Instruction oversees undergraduate programs in elementary and secondary education and graduate programs in elementary, middle, and secondary education, reading and storytelling, and educational technology and school library media.

    This site provides information on the department’s programs as well as important resources for both students and faculty.

    Department Mission Statement

    The Department of Curriculum and Instruction seeks to prepare educators who are committed to the development of their community through education and collaboration. The department programs are designed to cultivate educational leaders who strive to become enthusiastic practitioners, authentic role models, and efficient managers of instruction, time, resources, and evaluation. The faculty in Curriculum and Instruction seek to prepare students who become teacher educators attuned to the needs of children and adolescents, understand the importance of motivation, facilitation, and imagination, and who accept the challenges of decision-making, caring, and life-long learning.

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