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Jul 28 2017

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  • Cheap Motor Fleet Insurance

    Cheap Motor Fleet Insurance

    Compare motor fleet insurance – cars, vans, trucks, coaches and more!

    Motor fleet insurance can be essential to the smooth running of some businesses in the UK

    Cheap motor fleet insurance doesnt have to be hard to find when you use Quotezone

    Builders, plumbers and electricians may all require good value UK motor fleet insurance to cover their needs without paying through the nose.

    But regardless of whether your team drive a car, van, minibus or truck for your daily business, you need to make sure all the vehicles in your motor fleet are properly covered. And the faster you can make that happen, the more time you have to spend on the important things.

    Compare motor fleet insurance with Quotezone today

    To compare motor fleet insurance with Quotezone, we dont ask you to fill out lots of forms or take your valuable time calling lots of different companies. Instead we do things differently with our motor fleet insurance comparison system.

    You simply need to fill in our one page online form with details about yourself and your fleet needs, and we take it from there. We compare quotes for a car, van, bus, coach, truck or any other form of transport that might be in the makeup of your fleet. All you have to do is wait for member(s) of our UK insurance panel to get in touch with you to discuss your policy requirements.

    Your next motor fleet insurance quote could be cheaper than you think

    When you come to Quotezone you could end up saving money on insuring your courier, limo or minibus business. No matter how many vehicles you might have, we can attempt to put you in touch with UK fleet insurance providers who deal with needs like yours every day.

    It all starts with filling in a single form and it shouldnt take more than a few minutes. So get started on the road to a competitive motor fleet insurance quote today.

    Motor Fleet Insurance Guide

    For a business that operates a fleet of vehicles, keeping them running smoothly on a day-to-day basis could be of paramount importance. Also crucial is typically a good insurance policy that helps ensure problems could be taken care of promptly.

    Motor fleet insurance allows a business to buy insurance coverage for all vehicles in the fleet with one single policy. This allows the business to benefit from a bulk discount, and makes insurance for a large fleet easier to handle. These policies are specifically designed to be simple, flexible, and tailor-made to a business’s specifications, thus reducing the administrative burden that insurance may place on a business. Motor fleet insurance could cover fleets of all sizes, from three vehicles to hundreds or thousands.

    Levels of Coverage

    A wide variety of businessesincluding public and private taxis, couriers, and haulierscould benefit from motor fleet insurance. UK law requires that all vehicles have third party insurance, at a minimum, but additional levels of coverage might often be necessary to properly protect the vehicles in the fleet, and protect the business from associated liability.

    Although third party insurance is the minimum required by law, some motor fleet insurers may actually decline to provide this level of insurance for a fleet. Instead, they may provide comprehensive insurance as the standard form of coverage. These insurers typically only offer third party coverage alone for vehicles that are special or limited use, such as construction vehicles. When motor fleet insurers do offer third party insurance choosing this option may result in lower premiums, but when an entire fleet of vehicles is involved this may come at the cost of a significant amount of insurance protection.

    Typical exclusions for motor fleet insurance could include theft of an unattended vehicle, theft by deception, mechanical breakdowns, and tyre replacements.

    Apart from the structure of the motor fleet policy, one of the main ways they differ from other kinds of car insurance is the lack of a no-claims discount. This is because for very large fleets, the likelihood of maintaining a zero-claims record is usually low. Instead, insurers operate an alternative claims costs system where the total cost of claims is tallied over a fixed period of time. The premium is adjusted depending on the total value of claims, with a lower total value earning a higher discount.

    Special Coverage and Optional Extras

    There are two types of special coverage for motor fleets: some types are applicable to motor fleets in any business, while others are applicable only to certain types of businesses. There are dozens of possible addons and extras a business may choose to add to its motor fleet insurance. Some examples include:

    • Haulage insurance designed for businesses that provide long distance transport services, while courier insurance could be preferable for vehicles that perform multi-drop services on a local basis.
    • If the company’s vehicles carry goods or equipment that are required by employees to carry out their work, carriage of own goods coverage may be needed. For example, this applies to tradespeople such as plumbers and electricians.
    • Public and employee liability insurance could both be important to keep a fleet running smoothly and safely, and to protect the business from claims made due to injury or damage to an employee, member of the public, or their property.
    • Personal effects insurance may cover drivers’ personal possessions.
    • Legal expenses coverage in cases where a compensation claim might be made against a third party.
    • Replacement locks after keys are potentially lost or stolen.
    • Trailer insurance for towing vehicles.

    In order to effectively compare motor fleet insurance online, it could be important to take into account the size of the fleet, the uses of the vehicles in the fleet, and the frequency of use of those vehicles. All of these factors are likely to influence how much the insurance will cost, and understanding how the fleet is used could help ensure that the business is only paying for the insurance coverage that it needs.

    For smaller fleets, it could also be important to make a comparison between motor fleet insurance and individual insurance for each vehicle in the fleet. If each individual vehicle is entitled to a no-claims bonus, this may be a cheaper alternative to motor fleet insurance.

    Other important points of comparison include:

    • Claims cost benefits
    • Excess amounts
    • Driver age requirements
    • Inclusions and exclusions
    • What kinds of additional cover need to be purchased
    • Policy flexibility may be an important concern, especially for larger fleets. The ideal policy could be one that makes it easy to add and remove vehicles according to the needs of the business.

    Minimising Premium Costs

    Fleet insurance may often be a significant business expense, but even a business that operates a large fleet could often find some ways to get cheap motor fleet insurance, or least reduce the costs of their coverage.

    • Risk assessment and risk management practices generally help reduce policy costs.
    • Restrict employee driving age to over 25 or 30.
    • Issue a driver’s handbook for employees, and have employees take an advanced driving course or a similar kind of formal assessment.
    • Keeping claims low could help reduce premium costs.
    • Designating a motor fleet policy as any vehicle may not keep premiums down, but it could be essential for larger fleets, where vehicles are rotated in and out of the fleet frequently, and employees may end up driving multiple vehicles depending on the company’s needs. The flexibility of an any vehicle policy may end up saving money even though premiums are higher, as it could prevent related problems that have the potential to invalidate claims.

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