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Sep 30 2017

Commercial Ladders, Commercial Installation, Industrail Ladders, Industrial Installation, Industrial Series, Commercial Series, Access Ladders, Domestic


Commercial Ladders, Commercial Installation, Industrial Ladders, Industrial Installation, Suspended Ceiling, False Ceiling, Heavy Duty Ladder, Access Ladders, Attic Ladder, Attic Ladders, Roof Access, Domestic Attic Access, Access Ladders Melbourne

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AM-BOSS pull-down access ladders were originally tested in 1996 and rated at 150kg at any given point (not spread weight).

In 2009 the AM-BOSSHeavy Duty ” Commercial Series was tested and rated at 400kg at any given point (not spread weight).

Recently, in 2013, the AM-BOSSInferno-Boss ” was tested to a load capacity of 200+ kilos at four key points.

AM-BOSS Access Ladders Pty Ltd pull-down access ladders comply to the Building Code of Australia (BCA) and AM-BOSS manufacture, supply and install the ONLY pull-down access ladder that is CodeMark Certified.

AM-BOSS pull-down access ladders with CodeMark Certification are compliant when manufactured. Altering, modifying or not installing as per ‘Installation Guidelines’ will VOID certification.

AM-BOSS is pleased to announce the release of our new Heavy Duty Commercial Series, as part of the ‘Access-Boss’ and ‘Big-Boss’ family. This version of AM-BOSS commercial series pull-down access ladder has been rated at a whopping 400kgs and is manufactured with 100mm stiles and treads.

Suspended Ceilings

We pioneered installations of access ladders into suspended ceilings. and have done so for over twenty-five years. We developed a design using galvanised steel profiles, specially made to suit this type of application. Galvanised hangers and bracing will keep the galvanised steel support frame rigid 40mm above the suspended ceiling. The AM-BOSS pull down access ladder is then installed into the support frame; the zinc sealed steel architrave of the access ladder is strong enough and will support the ceiling around it.

A fixed secondary ladder. or ceiling space ladder. will continue from the pull down access ladder into the ceiling space to the plant room floor or the access hatch in the roof to give access to air conditioning or what ever. In grid ceilings we always install the access ladder into one grid.

At the moment we do a lot of work for telecommunications companies as a lot of transmission towers are fitted to roofs on commercial buildings, and access is required through the ceiling on to the top floor which is usually a suspended ceiling, and onto the roof. Our Access ladders are rated at 150 kg load rating, tested at Metlabs in Melbourne.

In commercial situations where the system is used many times a day, we offer heavy-duty models.

Beautifully engineered heavy-duty Electric models that can be linked to smoke alarm systems for automatic opening or closing of the stair system, with battery and manual override. ‘Top Opener’ models that can be operated manually from the floor above or below, very suitable for escape situations, or if traffic on the floor is heavy the service person can retract the stair from above to minimise the inconvenience. Those systems are imported from Germany.

Australian Standard? Any of the above systems are not listed by the ASA at this point in time. However we comply with as many items of the standard as possible, and our units are installed in all types of buildings, old and new, government and private, because at the end of the day a fixed pull down access ladder is much safer than a free standing stepladder.


Safe access to ceiling space

The AM-BOSS Commercial Series pull-down access ladder comes complete with smooth access panel, no screws or hinges visible, neat metal architrave, draft seal, perfect counter balancing, adjustable ladder with bottom step always the same distance off the floor as spacing from other steps. No assembly needed, no cutting, no mistakes made.


AM-BOSS Access Ladders Pty Ltd designed and manufactured our latest addition, THE AM-BOSS ‘INFERNO-BOSS’ commercial series access ladder. ‘AM-BOSS Inferno-Boss ‘ has been tested and fire-rated to AS1530.4-2005 at 90/90. This model will accommodate ceiling heights up to 3000mm. It is manufactured on grade at 68 approx. with 400mm wide treads and comes with a Standard Handrail. Ceiling cutout 1290mm x 645mm. Note: Clear inside dimensions 1165mm x 455mm.

Fixed Access Ladders

We also manufacture, supply and install swing down ladders, pull-out / push-in access ladders, fixed access ladders and cage access ladders suited for in door and out door use.

AM-BOSS fixed, step (tread) access ladders, aluminium ‘D’-Rung access ladders and steel, rung, access ladders are welded. AM-BOSS access ladders are ASA compliant.

AM-BOSS Pull-out / Push-in fixed access ladder – pulls out to be on-grade for safe ascending / descending of the ladder, then pushes in so as not to be an obstruction in the work environment. Manufactured in welded aluminium to suit each environment as required, AM-BOSS fixed access ladders comply to the Australian Standard. With a step-type (Tread) access ladder the Service Person (or the like) can carry a tool-box!

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