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Dec 31 2017

Cell Tower Lease?Tower Genius Helps Cell Tower Landlords Get The Best Deals in 2017.

By Steve Kazella
Negotiating cell tower leases in 2017? Need help maximizing your cell tower lease amendment value and business terms but not sure how hard you can push the carrier or tower company? Are you uncertain about cell site leasing values? Are you getting frustrated with the cell tower lease process? Tower Genius has the answers and provides solutions to complex landlord leasing problems, and is what we have done for hundreds of cell site landlords in the USA and Canada. Unfortunately, for property owners, a wireless landlord’s biggest obstacle to achieving success when negotiating with cellular carriers or the cell tower companies is finding the right information to obtain the desired outcome. Hiring a cell tower industry expert or cell tower advisor that is knowledgeable, experienced, truly independent and who has no conflicts of interest is nearly impossible. Getting cell tower contracts or proposals reviewed by a professional can also be a very expensive proposition. If you are not careful in dealing tactfully with the carriers and cell tower companies, you may easily get BURNED on your cell site rental agreement.

If you need to talk to a cell tower consulting expert about your lease, landlords and property owners, look no further. Tower Genius (TM), with over 40 years of combined cell tower development and leasing experience makes dealing with the cellular carriers painless, EASY and ridiculously affordable. We are the nation’s premier independent cell tower experts, consultants, advisors and advocates, and we would like to speak to you about your particular scenario. And based on the frequent “love letters” and communications we receive from various multi-billion dollar publicly traded household names in the Wireless Industry, we must be doing something right. Perhaps it’s time to talk to a Telecom Lease Genius who can provide you with the level of expertise that you are seeking.

We Help Property Owners, Landlords and Municipalities With:

  • Determine fair market value for cell site lease rates
  • Cell site 5G / 4G LTE upgrades and modifications
  • Rooftop Cellular Site Audit
  • Rooftop cellular site lease review
  • Assessment and negotiation of all cell site leases
  • Cell phone tower ground lease negotiations
  • Rooftop cell tower lease negotiations
  • Cell site lease amendments
  • Cellular tower co-locations
  • Expiring cellular tower lease renewals
  • Cellular tower lease valuations
  • Cell tower lease buyout negotiations
  • Assessment of cellular lease buyout offers
  • Assistance with cellular lease “Rent Reduction” solicitations
  • Cell site lease management and administration
  • Cell tower lease bids for municipalities
  • Tower lease buyout purchase bids for municipal cell site leases
  • Evaluation of MD7 & Black Dot “Lease Optimization” proposals
  • Solutions for complex cell site leasing issues

Maybe it’s time you spoke with a Telecom Lease Genius.

Talk to the Cell Site Experts at Tower Genius Today!
Call us Monday – Friday, 9AM EASTERN – 6PM PACIFIC Standard Time from all 50 States and Canada.

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