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Jul 13 2017

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fleetminder is an Australian owned and operated company supplying vehicle and asset tracking solutions in over 12 countries. fleetminder’s parent company Neltronics has been in the vehicle electronics industry for over 25 years. Our products and services include GPS tracking solutions for business and individuals, including vehicles and assets for transport, services, construction, mining and marine applications. [Read More. ]

Latest GPS Vehicle Tracking Device News

fleetminder has introduced a new GPS vehicle tracker to its extensive range of vehicle and asset tracking systems. The fleetminder FM NxtG-V is a compact and discrete vehicle tracker for 24/7 [Read More. ]

So you have a GPS tracker installed in your vehicle. Besides providing location info and anti-theft, did you know they can also help to increase your business revenue? If you use a vehicle (or [Read More. ]


When a company like ours grows as quickly as we did it is vital that we keep our eye on the ball. Tracking the equipment across various projects and operations can be challenging and is open to error… Read more

MJ & CM West Transport Services

“With the valuable data from fleetminder, we are coming closer to world best practice for freight costs, supporting our drivers and keeping our customer service promises. We believe GPS tracking sup… Read more

RAAZIQ International, Pakistan

“ By using fleetfinder we have gained better control of our fleet. By having up to date knowledge we can ultilise vehicles more efficiently, redirecting the best vehicle when new pickups are needed,… Read more

“SM Telesys has seen a 20% improvement in scheduling, a 14% average increase in billable time each month and a decrease in fuel consumption. We’ve seen a real culture change regarding timesheet ac… Read more

SM Telesys Ltd, India

Downer EDI Engineering Electrical Pty Ltd in Western Australia has fitted 15 vehicles with tracking devices. In addition to the standard tracking units an alarm module has been fitted in order to act… Read more

Downer EDI Engineering Pty Ltd, Australia

“Fleetfinder has enabled our company to monitor our heavy vehicle fleet by GPS 24/7. In today’s environment being able to work with a progressive, innovative provider of these services has helped … Read more

A2K Communication, Egypt

The results were immediate.While initially we felt that that it was a little big brotherish , there were some undeniable underlying cultural issues regarding start and finish times. Having quick… Read more

Active Plumbing, Australia

Award Logistics are a transport and logistics company based in Jandakot. We operate a fleet of 20 trucks and 19 trailers. We currently are in the process of fitting out our entire fleet with the flee… Read more

Award Logistics, Western Australia

NRL Freightlines, based in Welshpool, operate with a fleet of 10 new prime movers coupled with trailers and side loaders. They specialize in container freight between the Fremantle Port and their cus… Read more

NRL Freightlines, Western Australia

“fleetfinder vehicle tracking has become a valuable part of our fleet operations. We have found fleetfinder to be a strong partner, supplying us with high quality and reliable products. The fact tha… Read more

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