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Aug 31 2017

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Featured event URBAN CAMPSITE COMES TO AMSTERDAM SCIENCE PARK The extraordinary travelling art campsite UrbanCampsite makes its home at the equally remarkable yet (for many) below-the-radar location of Amsterdam Science Park.

Science and Business Database Search for companies and organisations located at Amsterdam Science Park Read more

Featured news Vidi grant awarded to seven Amsterdam Science Park researchers The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) has awarded a Vidi grant worth 800,000 euros to seven researchers from organisations located at Amsterdam Science Park.

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Community platform Science Park Creatives Read more

Researcher Jo van den Brand “Amsterdam Science Park works hard to ensure a dialogue between science and industry and to provide support for research start-ups” Read more

Tristan du Pree Connecting Boundless Minds Tristan du Pree is a particle physicist, dark matter hunter and New Scientist blogger at Nikhef, the Dutch National Institute for Subatomic Physics.

Facilities Are you looking for a place to hold your next conference or meeting? Read more

Featured news STUDENT’S PROJECT ANNA’S TUIN & RUIGTE OPENS FOR PUBLIC The student project Anna’s Garden Ruigte of the University of Amsterdam (UvA) was officially opened to the public last Saturday.

Featured event Venture Café Summer BBQ Join our special edition of Venture Cafe on Thursday, June 8 at Startup Village!

About the park Navigate yourself with a drone Navigate yourself with a drone through Amsterdam Science Park and discover the various organisations

Entrepreneur Pieter Verbruggen “It’s great for us, as one of the first success stories, to be able to encourage the next generation” Read more

Facilities Research facilities National supercomputer Cartesius one of Amsterdam Science Park’s research facilities

Student Anouk ter Linde “Living on campus is convenient and very affordable by Amsterdam standards” Read more

Matrix Innovation Center Looking for high value flexible office space and laboratories? Matrix Innovation Center offers office high value flexible office space and laboratories for approximately 100 of the 120 companies at Science Park Amsterdam.

Survey SURVEY ON MOBILITY AT AMSTERDAM SCIENCE PARK What are your mobility preferences of the Amsterdam Science Park? Let us know.

Featured news FINALISTS AMSTERDAM SCIENCE & INNOVATION AWARD 2017 We proudly announce the finalists for Amsterdam Science Innovation Award 2017! Read about the 10 most innovative ideas.

Featured event Flux Festival 2017 A great way to celebrate the summer and to meet other people who work, study, play sport or live at Amsterdam Science Park.

Featured facility Amsterdam Science Park introduces Car sharing With this easy-to-use service, which allows employees to book cars for business use, Amsterdam Science Park wants to contribute to a sustainable sharing economy.

Researcher Moniek Tromp “Amsterdam Science Park is good at initiating new projects and connecting people.” Read more

Featured news De waarde(n) van weten: hoe werkt beleid in de praktijk Verslag Haags werkbezoek aan Amsterdam Science Park

Researcher Patricia Lago “The question is, how can software be both smart and sustainable at the same time?” Read more

Featured news BEHIND THE SCENES AT AMSTERDAM SCIENCE PARK The latest Behind the Scenes event at Amsterdam Science Park gave visitors a taste of the future, complete with self-growing materials and extreme ultraviolet light, courtesy of cutting-edge research at AMOLF and ARCNL.

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