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Sep 30 2017

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Accounting Management

Comprehensive Law Firm Accounting Software

3E’s law firm accounting software provides everything you need to manage your everyday accounting requirements from general ledger and accounts payable to cash management and budgeting and forecasting. With 3E, you can manage your finances securely and efficiently with a system that allows you to quickly adapt to changing business and regulatory requirements.

3E supports cash and accrual-based accounting methods and delivers powerful functionality, reliability, and scalability to meet the needs of even the most complex global firms. Viewing, entry, and posting transactions can be configured to meet your office requirements, and you can also customize the capture and reporting of financial management information.

3E application security defines which users or roles have access to perform functions. Firms can easily control views by office, practice area, and so forth. Furthermore, audit details for changes, additions, and deletions are fully tracked. With 3E, your firm can quickly access the critical transaction and reporting information needed to make timely and informed business decisions.

3E provides powerful and flexible transaction management and processing that gives you full control over how information is posted and reported. The robust general ledger seamlessly and automatically manages transactions. The innovative journal manager acts in the background to provide transaction management and auditing capabilities to streamline the processing of journal entries and postings.

3E provides financial reporting capabilities that enable you to produce attractively formatted real-time financial statements with comprehensive drill-down capabilities. Powerful multi-dimensional database technology lets you interact with report data through drilling, slicing and dicing. Scheduled report bursting, web and email distribution options let you deliver timely of information in a variety of standard formats.

3E provides payables management capabilities that automate and improve your firm’s accounts payable operations. Capable of handling complex, high-volume transactions with ease, 3E gives you complete control over the entire payables process, from vendor management and payments to 1099 reporting. You can set up master files and categorize and group vendors and payees for reporting purposes, including vendors that prefer electronic funds transfer payments. Robust bank reconciliation capabilities enable complete bank statement detail to be imported into 3E for matching system transactions. Users can create their own matching rules to quickly match items to bank statements. When reconciling, users can allow remaining items on a bank statement and roll over unreconciled items, giving them more flexibility to match items.

3E s fixed asset capabilities allow you firm s accountants to proactively manage and depreciate assets from procurement to disposition. Robust reporting enables real-time communication of a firm s asset position to management as well as taxation authorities. You can support assets in different currencies and separate physical and accounting locations per asset.

Advanced imaging capabilities let you easily scan paper documents in digital format and store them on any network file server. You can easily link images to transactions or records including vouchers, fee earners, clients, payments, costs and more.

As client payments are received, funds can be applied to an appropriate invoice or designated as unallocated until the firm is ready to assign them. You can also apply client retainers to a trust account and transfer funds from the trust account to apply to client invoices. 3E streamlines your trust accounting procedures and provides full visibility into your day-to-day trust balances so you can ensure that transactions are in compliance with trust regulations.

3E provides collections management capabilities that allow you to efficiently process, manage and monitor collection activities to shorten payment cycles and increase cash flow. 3E provides real-time visibility of payment activity and overdue invoices so collectors can work more productively with staff and clients. You can create multiple customized collection workflows to standardize your collections policies and design customized collections correspondence including reminder statements, letters and emails.

3E provides comprehensive budgeting and forecasting capabilities that streamline your processes and allow you to effortlessly generate financial alternatives based on different parameters. You can perform top-down modeling to review your organization’s performance and create bottom up modeling to plan and forecast for any level of the organization.

3E addresses the unique challenges that firms face when they have offices, employees, suppliers, and clients located around the world. 3E effectively manages the accounting and billing operations of multi-national and national firms and provides full support for multiple languages, currencies, date formats and tax jurisdictions.

For more information, contact your account representative by completing the Information Request Form or by calling +1 800-977-6529.

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